Japan's NKK Delivers World's Largest Class Chemical Carrier To Norwegian Owner

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NKK (Nippon Kokan) has delivered a 1 6 , 5 0 0 - d w t chemical product carrier, the M/ T Essi Gina, to BJ. Ruud Pedersen A/S, a major Norwegian shipowner.

Masato Hiraki, NKK New York general manager, said the ship was constructed at NKK's Tsu Works, and is the first large-size c h e m i c a l p r o d u c t carrier constructed in Japan to fully conform to IMCO MARPOL 1978 regulations.

The M/T Essi Gina is 156 meters long (about 512 feet), 21.26 meters wide (70 feet), and has a depth of 12.35 meters (41 feet). The vessel has a center tank and two wing tanks that can be used to load different chemical products in the "dangerous article" category as d e f i n e d by IMCO regulations. The wing tanks have 10 compartments each. The center tank has double bulkheads and is divided into eight compartments to reduce the possibility of cargo spill due to hull damage. The inside bulkheads of the center tank are specially coated to withstand corrosive chemicals. The product loaded in the center tank is pumped to and from s h o r e f a c i l i t i e s through cargo pipelines by a hydraulically driven submerged pump. The operation of pipeline valves and cargo tank level monitoring is remotely controlled from the cargo control room, thus reducing crew contact with dangerous products.

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